At Storm Dynamics we believe that music is meant to be heard and shared and that performace is an integral part of mastering your instrument. We also understand that learning an instrument can be a solitary experience, with hours spent alone trying to master a tricky bar or phrase.

This is why in 2013 we launched the Storm Dynamics Concert Series. Twice a year all students, no matter the instrument, age or ability, are offered the chance to perform in public.

For those sitting an examination the concerts offer a valuable opportunity to try out their pieces in front of a friendly audience. For many people having to play in front of an examiner is the most daunting part of taking an exam. Gaining experience in public performance is a great way of boosting confidence and, hopefully, gaining extra marks.

For those playing for fun the concerts offer a chance to talk to other musicians, make connections and, of course, show off all their hard work!

Concerts take place in summer and winter. Please click the links above to see galleries from past events and details of the next upcoming concert.

All concerts are open to the public and offer free entry and refreshments.

What should I play?

Whatever you would like to, but, Christmas carols get chosen quickly and we endeavour not to have any two students playing the same song (as much as possible) so get your choice in early.

What do I wear?

All our concerts are smart causal but if you’d like to go for the glitz and glam or have a stunning Christmas jumper then go for it!

Can I try out the piano before the concert?

You can if you arrive early, but be warned, anyone arriving before 9:45 will be given things to do (once they’ve had their run-through.)

What do I need to bring?

You only need your music and your instrument, if you’re not a pianist. Music stands and the piano are provided. We would appreciate it if you could bring some cake to share during the interval.

I’ve missed the deadline for concert entry, can I still perform?

Unfortunately we cannot allow late entries due to the large amount of participants and the logistics of getting everything in place and running smoothly. If you know you won’t be at your lesson to hand in your form then please use the contact page to let us know you are still interested BEFORE the deadline.

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