The 2018 Winter Wonderland was a huge success. Every student turned out a great performance from the incidental music provided by Bill Hall as everyone was taking their seats right through to the Jingle Bells finale.

This year saw the debut performance of woodwind group The Storm Chasers. Natasha, Neive, Hannah and teacher Jo performed a quartet of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. The group is open to anyone playing a woodwind instrument and is designed to more challenging than the large group finale pieces.

Notable performances this year include You Know My Name from Tom Bentley and Pan et les Oiseaux by Natasha Hewson. We also had a few student break their public performance duck so a special mention must go to Molly Humphries and Will Roberts.

Photographs are by Chris Cook and if you would like a copy or to see the other photos then please get in contact.

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