Originally broadcast on Saturday 13th June the Summer Narrowcast allowed our students to have a summer concert despite still being in lockdown. The uptake and enthusiasm from the students was tremendous which meant this was one of the largest projects the Storm Dynamics has ever put together. We ran 3 competitions during the concert: Best Performance, Most Creative Video and, for our younger players, a chance to Spot Racoony. The Narrowcast was premiered at 10am on June 13th with many of our students watching along live. For those who were not able to join us at the time the Narrowcast has remained available and this has had the unexpected event of meaning our Narrowcast has been sent round the world and now been viewed by far flung grandparents on a number of different continents. 

Competition Winners

Original Information

This year, given one thing and another (!), Our summer concert is moving online; which opens up a whole new world of opportunities for our students to get creative with their performances.

To participate this year – simply choose your piece and create a video of your playing.  We will then narrowcast these as a Facebook and YouTube extravaganza from Saturday 13th June 2020.  There will also be a competition for those with eagle eyes!

What sort of video?

Use your imagination! You could take your instrument outside and play in the garden, or under a table or even on a trampoline – best of luck moving the piano for the last one though! Will you choose smart clothes or will you dress down? Will the video just be of you or will there be a troupe of dancing elves in the back-round? (Bonus points may or may not be awarded for pets making VIP appearances)

What should I play?

Absolutely Anything you want. But remember, this one will last forever online – so you might want to make something awesome that makes you look great for all time. Here’s the good part – you can record as many times as you like to get your video looking and sounding just the way you want it to.  How many takes will you do?

The videos will then be put together in the first ever Strom Dynamics online streaming special which will include links from our usual comperes, a few special appearances AND the all new competition! To get started, simply download the entry form below and return it to Mrs J Nash by Sunday 10th May 2020.

Videos will need to be submitted by Sunday 29th May 2020 in order for the overworked editor to work their magic… ?

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