Storming Through the Flute

Storming Through the Flute is a series of 6 unique online lessons designed to get you and your flute up playing and enjoying the instrument as soon as possible.

Our course offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use series of lessons showing you not only exactly how to get a good sound from your flute, but also how to start reading and understanding music, and its eccentricities, as well.

Perfect for children and adults alike, Storming Flute the Flute is paced for almost all abilities and has clear teaching points for each lesson, allowing you to clearly identify your progression. Go from getting the first sound from your flute through to playing the courses’ signature piece “Sky Tellers”.

Each course includes:

·       Six lessons of 25-40mins each.

·       A starting guide to understand how to read basic sheet music.

·       Eight worksheets, including examples and practical challenges.

·       Accompanying digital book containing more than 30 original pieces to play.

·       Sky Tellers” full sheet music and play-along example.

Great value at just £10 per lesson!  Each course costs just £60 in total, with no hidden extra charges.

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